Ground Guards: A global business with traditional values.

Ground-Guards Ltd is located just off the A1 in Walton, near Leeds.

The company large 3.5 acre site has 31,000 sq ft of onsite warehouse storage. The new business head quarters. With 10,000 sq ft of modern office space. Includes which are also available for our clients to use.

Mission of Ground-Guards

Ground Guards is a division of the global GreenTek Group established in 1969. Ground Guards values have remained the same since day one.

“We aim to provide innovative, high-performance. And cost effective temporary access solutions. That minimise the impact on the environment.”

Vision of Ground-Guards

“To be the global innovator that makes plastic trackway so effective. Easy to use and affordable. That plywood and stone roadways become redundant for temporary access use.”


The company know that “best practice” is not good enough. They will be the innovators of next practice.


Appreciate all our clients, staff and suppliers and will always be caring and responsible.

The manufacturer aim to give 100% effectiveness. 100% of the time through our products, people and processes.

Ground Guards will always be respectful and genuine.

The most straightforward guarantees in the market. Giving you security and consistency.

Delivering WOW!
Making positive differences to you by going above and beyond expectation.

Visit our website to view all current product offerings by Ground Guards.

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