We now offer excellent voice and data encryption solutions from Gold Lock Group Ltd.

Gold Lock Group Ltd offers a unique global delivery model of innovative, high-quality, security solutions that enable individuals and organizations to attain sustainable competitive advantage by effectively defending and securing their communication and IP. It has been a pioneer with the introduction of software only mobile encryption, first private encrypted mobile carrier network provider, public hacker challenges and more.

Gold Lock 4G is a world-class software-based solution providing military-grade encryption for voice and data communications. Its triple layered security scheme turns your PC/laptop, Android or iPhone mobile device into a military grade encrypted communicator, protected against any interception attempt by private, governmental or military entities. You can depend on Gold Lock 4G to instantly encrypt your calls, file transfers and text messages even when making international calls.

Protection is provided across all methods of Internet access including 4G, 3G, EDGE, GPRS, WI-FI and more. Gold Lock 4G is easy to use and the keys are auto-managed with no user intervention required.

Gold Lock is used to protect communication for thousands of customers around the world, including Private, Corporate, Governmental & Military organizations.

Product range:

  • Gold Lock 4G
  • Gold Lock Out
  • Gold Lock PC
  • Gold Lock PBX Gateway
  • Gold Lock ROM
  • Gold Lock MDM
  • Gold Lock Secure Switch
  • Fort Logic

For more information pelase send an e-mail with your requets to info@mssdefence.com. We’re ready to assist!

More information:

About the Goldlock encryption: GOLDLOCK ENCRYPTION
About the Goldock network: GLOBAL GOLDLOCK NETWORK
Goldlock client pacakges: GOLDLOCK CLIENT PACKAGES


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