Centuries of experience (founded in 1545) merge with modern materials and production technology. Companies with special demands for fibre rope mooring systems, especially in the naval, maritime, offshore and industry sector, should take a quick look.

The G. van der Lee Rope factory can look back over a long and stirring history. Van der Lee was founded in the 16th century and has been managed by direct descendents of Jan Pietersz van der Lee (1545-1613) ever since. Even now G. Van der Lee is still one of the oldest businesses in the Netherlands and the company as wel as the people who work there breathe the age-old experience.

From abseil rope to anchor system
Synthetic fibres increase the application options for fibre rope. However, the ‘old-fashioned’ materials and techniques are still appropriate for certain purposes. Van der Lee’s assortment offers both types. Over the years a tremendous amount of know-how pertaining to making rope according to traditional methods has been accumulated. Van der Lee, however, also always continues to innovate.

Traditional and new materials
Fibre rope was initially made chiefly from conventional natural fibres like flax, hemp, manila and sisal. After 1965 many synthetic fibres as well as other new materials such as nylon, polypropylene, polyester and High Modulus polyethylene were added. Their breaking strength is many times that of natural fibres. However, the demand for natural fibre rope remains big for aesthetic and other special properties.

Individual preferences
The customer-oriented organisation provides plenty of opportunities to keep close track of and initiate
new developments. A compact team of consultants is ready to apply technological options to individual requirements in order to create ever-varying solutions. Professional skill, service orientation and flexibility in the production phase guarantee perfect implementation and short delivery times.

Safety guarantee
Van der Lee makes maximum effort to guarantee the safety of its fibre rope products. Quality certification and extensive test facilities provide assurance that all products and processes comply with the strictest safety standards. Van der Lee is currently working on certification according to the most recent ISO 9001 standard.

Van der Lee’s activities are intensely focused on three markets:

  • maritime sector
  • offshore
  • industry

A broad and varied product assortment is available for each of these markets.

To find out more, visit our website to see the current offering from G. Van der Lee.

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