At MSS DEFENCE you can buy your future command post. It’s a concept with all bits and pieces for modern command, control & communications. Not only for military end-users but also very suitable for humanitarian relief or law enforcement organisations.

A command post is a unit’s or subunit’s headquarters where the commander and the staff perform their activities. In combat, a unit’s or subunit’s headquarters is often divided into echelons; the echelon in which the unit or subunit’s commander is located or from which such commander operates is called a commandpost. Also called CP. (US DoD)

At MSS DEFENCE we have former command post operators. Such as unit commanders upto divisional level, operations officers, fire support officers, intelligence officers and of course (junior and senior) duty officers. So at MSS DEFENCE you can benefit from “boots on the ground” experience and professional sales consultancy.

Meet our staff by visiting the MSS Defence Staff directory


We deliver turn-key command post solutions including but not limited to:

  • Radio communication equipment
  • Rapid deployable tent systems
  • Floor systems with cable integration
  • Pre-wired tactical tables
  • Tactical lighting systems
  • Decoy/deception elements
  • Power/AC systems
  • UAS
  • Landing points
  • Trackways
  • Protective structural equipment


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