1st of June 2021. The Hague. MSS Defence is a Fujinon sales partners since 2010.  We’ve sold hundreds of binoculars to many demanding customers all over the world. Quite recently the demand for the long distance series increased. That’s why we wrote the below short article about the Fujinon 25×150 MT. Check it out and in case you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you.

Long-distance binoculars

Someone is drowning, a ship is approaching the coast or there is an intruder near the national border. Take immediate action with the Fujinon 25×150 MT Binocular. By using the Fujinon 25×150 MT you can perceive situations with a clear vision from a safe distance.  

This product is optimal for long-distance view for astronomers, law enforcement, coast guards, navy ships, and national border security agencies.

Multi-coated lenses

The Fujinon 25×150 MT binoculars have optics that include the expected BaK-4 (Porro) prisms and lenses that are fully multi-coated to optimize light transmission. They protect the lenses from clouding and make the lens coating resistant to one of the biggest enemies of lenses, salt water.

Marine tested and eye relief

The Fujinon 25×150 MT is Marine Tested for hard use at sea or by the sea. These binoculars are waterproof and nitrogen gas purged to be internally fog-proof.

These binoculars offer a reasonable 18.6mm eye relief, which should be comfortable for most eyeglass wearers. The eye relief can be adjusted from 56-72 mm.

Field of view

The field of view for the Fujinon 25×150 MT is 141ft at 1,0 yards (47m at 1,000m). Usually, the field of view is not outstanding for many optical configurations, this is not bad for a 25×150 binocular! The exit pupil is 6.0 mm, providing a calculated relative brightness index of 36.0. You will not be able to view many things close at hand with this instrument as the close focus distance is nearly 56ft (17m).

The Fujinon 25×150 MT’s optics provide for excellent light-gathering so they are useful for both daylight and low light conditions.

High quality build

The housing is completely waterproof, weather resistant, and corrosion resistant. Looking at the Fujinon 25X150 MT, you quickly get a sense of the quality control process it goes through. The parts fit tightly and smoothly, which is a testament not only to the quality control, but also to the weatherproof seals.

The inner surface of the barrels is coated with a non-reflective, flat, blackish-grey powder coating to reduce the amount of light that finds its way to our eyes. Inside the barrel tubes are baffles to further reduce the amount of stray light, including two baffles per tube – one at each end which is a ring made of thin plastic or aluminium that is attached to the inside of the optical tube and is painted in a black matt finish to further absorb unwanted light.

To remove as much weight as possible, Fujinon made the barrels from cast aluminium and then anodized them – this provides corrosion and wear resistance and increases the surface hardness of the aluminium. A caveat is in order here – if you drop and dent a barrel or bend the objective end’s lip, you’ll not be likely to be able to straighten it without causing further damage.

Weight, balance, and size

If you adjust the azimuth and elevation, you will find that they are not light at 43lbs (19.5 kg), but they are well balanced. You will need to have a pedestal or tripod made specifically to hold these binoculars – not all are suitable.

While these binoculars are nearly 38 inches (96.5 cm) long, about 7 inches (17.8 cm) of that length is taken up by the barrels extending past the objective lenses to limit the light entering the optics. Some people call that extra length ‘’dew caps’’ for the binocular barrels since they help prevent dew from settling on the objectives during night viewing.


Its excellent optics are very appreciated by astronomers as you might expect, but it is also used by law enforcement agencies for surveillance, the coast guard for protection, coastal areas as well as sea rescue operations, naval ships, and by national border security agencies. We also know that commercial fishing vessels sometimes carry up four of these binoculars to scan the sky for flocks of birds, because that indicates a possible concentration of fish in the water below.

You’ll have a wide enough view of the sky that you’ll be able to see patterns, and the depth of view will leave you amazed as you see images “come to life” in ways you haven’t observed before. You’ll be able to see entire groupings, star clusters, and constellations with the three-dimensional effect available in binoculars, and there are several filter options available to further enhance your vision. If you think of the Fujinon 25X150 MT binoculars as a sixinch parallel refractor telescopes with a 2.7° field of view, it may put things in a different perspective.

For observing on land or at sea viewing, we found that the Fujinon 25X150 MT allowed us to see an incredible amount of detail at distances of up to 6 miles (10 km) when viewing from an altitude where we had a straight line of sight. It was by no means a close-up view, but it was enough to have a very good idea, of what people were doing. Under optimal conditions (no interference from rising heat waves, particles in the air, clear atmospheric conditions, etc), it is possible to tell a person’s gender, hair colour, etc. from atleast 3 miles (4.8 km) away.

User friendliness and eye pieces

The Fujinon 25×150 MT may cause neck pain using these binoculars while standing, so a chair at a comfortable height is recommended during use. The optional mount or tripod allows an elevation of up to approximately 80° degrees and an available 45° ocular option.

The Fujinon 25×150 MT features eyepiece lenses with profiled eyecups that are shaped to fit the outer corners of the eye and prevent light from entering the viewer’s eyes. The results in higher contrast images. It is made of soft, profiled rubber, which ensures a high level of user comfort, and it is especially recommended for observing at sea, on bright sunny days or under other extreme conditions.


  • Lens diameter: 150 mm
  • Magnification: 25x
  • Excavation: 6mm
  • Construction of prisms: Porro prism
  • Field of view: 2.7°/47m/1000m
  • Prism coating: phase
  • Lens coating: MC
  • Wide 67° apparent angle of view from 25x magnification and 2.7° true field
  • Adjustable 60 to 70mm interpupillary distance setting
  • Wide 67° apparent field of view from 25x magnification and 2.7° true field
  • Twilight efficiency: 61
  • Relative brightness: 36
  • Minimum observation distance: 6m
  • Retraction of the pupil: 19 mm
  • Dimensions: 525x365x962
  • Weight: 18.5 kg

Information compiled and article written by Jolanda van Zuidam, junior account manager at MSS Defence

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