FoxFury lighting solutions

The newest LED technology from OSRAM and others

Endless possibilities

Innovative Solutions for All Your Safety Lighting Needs. When seconds count and lives are on the line – FoxFury has the tools you need to save lives.

Nomad® Scene Lights

FoxFury Nomad® Scene Lights are cordless, rechargeable and provide up to 24 hours of runtime. Their rugged, waterproof construction is designed to work in the harshest of conditions. Portable Nomads® deploy in 20 seconds and can be easily moved anywhere, anytime to help you get the job done. True to Life high CRI versions are available.

Light up a 360 degree area! The FoxFury Nomad® 360 Scene Light is battery operated. With built-in tripod legs, the Nomad® 360 extends up to 8.5 ft (2.6 m) tall to deliver up to 8,000 lumens. This cordless, rechargeable LED light can operate as a spotlight, flood light or 360° scene light with a run time of up to 24 hours.

The FoxFury Nomad® NOW is a compact and versatile scene light with a built-in carry handle. It is ideal for situations where speed, compactness, portability, and working hands-free is key.


    The Tactical Electronic Distraction Device – T.E.D.D. is for use in training, riots, SWAT, Corrections and more. Sold by FoxFury, the T.E.D.D. should be used only by trained professionals. The T.E.D.D. is ONLY SOLD to Approved Law Enforcement Agencies and Security Companies.

    FoxFury Nomad® 360 Scene Light

    This is FoxFury’s brightest self-contained scene light for situations where portability, maximum power and working hands-free is key. This includes search and rescue, scene investigations, field maintenance and emergency and disaster response.


    3 lights in 1: Combination area light, spotlight and scene light

    Different tasks require different lighting needs. Some cases demand light in all directions. As an area-spot and scene light, this light provides three types of lights in one due to its Sliding Diffuser Lens. Area light: fold out light panels and slide diffuser lens up for 120° flood light Spotlight: fold out light panels and slide diffuser lens down for 12° focused light Scene light: fold in light panels for 360° scene lightingntegrated solution


    Current FoxFury range

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