Customer Field Test – Swarovski and Schmidt & Bender.
At MSS Defence we believe in the products we sell and stand behind the principle of delivering high quality solutions to our customers. But “talk is cheap” and real feedback from our customers is of the utmost value to us. So we are always happy to hear from them. 

One of our appreciated clients has conducted a field test of 2 products it obtained trough our online store at He has used his the products in a ‘real life’ setting (as opposed to testing under artificial conditions) and monitored the usage objectively. We are glad to share his notes with you for your own consideration.

Field Test
“Finally I’d managed to test the Swarovski STR 80 spotting scope and the Schmidt & Bender PMII Power 5-45×56 rifle scope. It was difficult at first to order the STR80 spotting scope and the S&B rifle scope by means of the regular arms and optic shops. Fortunately, I’ve ended up at MSS Defence. MSS Defence was able to deliver the Swarovski STR80 from stock and with their great assistance the order and delivery process of the Schmidt & Bender scope went easy and quick. Their overal service is superb!”

Field Test.001

During the actual field test, the STR80 and S&B scope performed very well. Both instruments were delivered in Mill configuration with reticles in First Focal Plane. Corrections made by turrets and hold overs were very accurate. Despite the STR80 reticle being switched on every day, the battery still worked.

The S&B scope was mounted on a Barrett MRAD .300 Winchester Magnum with an inclination mount of Eratec which gives extra elevation of 70 MOA. The tested ranges were: 400m, 600m, 975m, 1750m, 1875m and 2000m.

Field Test.002

Information about the used ammo:
Bullett Berger Hybrid 215 grains (meplat pointed)
Powder: Vihtavuori N570 79,8 grains.
Cases: Lapua .300 WinMag.
Primer: Murom large rifle Magnum.

“The service of MSS Defence is perfect! Also the products they sell is of high quality. I’ve recommended MSS Defence to my buddies and am a very happy customer!”

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