Frequently Asked Questions

We often receive questions and to save you time and help you as efficiently as possible we have set out the most asked questions and answers below. If your specific question remains unanswered please don’t hestitate to take up contact with us.

Does MSS Defence supply private individuals?

Yes we do, although some products might be only available for military or governmental customers. For some products we may require an end-use statement (EUS) for licencing purposes. If a license is not issued we cannot accept or continue with your order.

Partnership possibilities with MSS Defence?

You receive instant access to defence customers in 23+ countries. You benefit from our pre-sales assistance like market intelligence & support, lead generation and off- and online product exhibition. Your sales process is professionally managed up to contract management and delivery. With after sales we can assist with instruction, training, exercising and logistics. Last-but-not-least we assist on a project exclusive “no pain, no gain” basis. Our inhouse language skills are English, Dutch, French, Portuguese, Spanish and Russian.

Aftersales support from MSS?

MSS Defence provides a full range of (on demand) after sales services like on-site and in-theatre installation, setting to work, instruction, training and exercising. We also manage all manufacturers’ warranty related issues including related logistics.

Does MSS defence supply to non-military organisations and businesses?

Yes. We have commercial businesses and organisations from the expeditionary domain (like humanitarian aid and relief organisations) buying security products like protection and communication products. And of course services like (maritime) crisis & security management consultancy.

Maintenance responsibilities?

Together with manufacturers we deliver full ILS (integrated Logistic Support) including maintenance. The level of the ILS and its peculiarities highly depends on the specific product and the scope of the project. In any event, ILS will be tailored to your precise requirements and budget.

MSS Defence and confidentiality?

We work in conformity with our ethics protocol. Before you may disclose confidential end-user information, we confirm each project with a non-disclosure clause, as mentioned in the project registration conditions.

Provision for company employees with instructions & assistance on site or by videoconference?

MSS Defence provides a full range of (on demand) after sales services including on-site and in-theatre instruction and training. In case a video (conference) instruction is required we can naturally support that.

MSS Defence and global distribution channel?

We operate as an “on top of” lead generating entity. With working on a project exclusive basis we will fill in the gaps that you might have, or generate the leads that your existing channel has missed.

Contact for guarantee issues?

You should contact MSS Defence through or send an e-mail to your accountmanager. We will manage your request as requested and see that the manufacturer’s warranty is executed if needed.

What does MSS mean?

Intially MSS stood for Maritime Security Solutions. In 2012 it changed to Military Security Solutions and later to MSS Defence with MSS not standing for that much anymore. MSS Defence is now our registered brandname.

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