End of Year Discount Action

With our discount action at the end of the year we are “cleaning ship”. The below advertised brand new units are ready to leave our warehouse. Ideal for your christmas shoppings or just to give yourself a new hobby gadget. Or for any professional use, all items are ready for harsh conditions. All our Discount Action products are FREE of shipping costs. And remember: we ship globally.

Can you find a better deal anywhere else? Contact us, send us proof and we will beat it by offering a better deal!


Take a look at the following links for more details about the products:

Armasight NYX-14 Hdi

Swarovski Optik 7×42 BO GA L1 STP

Swarovski Optik 7×42 B O GI STP

Armasight Vulcan 2.5-5x Hdi MG

Armasight Vulcan 8x  Hdi MG

Fujinon 7×50 FMTR-SX

Fujinon 12×60 HB

Or contact us and ask your question or make any comment.
We are ready to assist, help, explain and guide you to make your selection or offer a very nice alternative deal.

Thank you!!

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