Duveet Co., Ltd is a South Korean company which manufactures tactical rescue and portable illumination tools for disaster relief operations. They are best known for their dedication to providing rescue, security and law enforcement agencies with superior illumination and safety tools. Duveet has a long-standing commitment of establishing mutually beneficial long-term relationships with their partners and end-users all over the world.

Duveet in Korean means “two lights” and as such, their goal as a company is to represent as one of those lights in conjunction with their partners to save lives and restore hope in times of “darkness and devastation”.

Duveet offers a comprehensive range of high-powered searchlights for navigating through areas where ultra-bright portable light is needed. Their searchlights are designed for professionals who require massive clean light in a truly portable package. They design, develop, and manufacture cutting-edge portable illumination and rescue tools for a variety of applications by first responders, security and law enforcement personnel.

Among the equipment they manufacture include HID searchlights, LED flashlights, Emergency standby work lights and Alarm safety gear. Their commitment to quality is at the core of their continuous R&D activities.

Duveet prides itself in their ability to conduct comprehensive testing of every product manufactured in their facility in South Korea. In addition, they are able to provide AS support to their clients.

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