To leverage the specialist reservist and retired marines to the advantage of the Dutch Marine Corps and the COM(1) including affiliated organisations.

Mission 2023
To deliver stellar training support to the Dutch Marine Corps Squadrons in order for them to be ready for further tasking.

About DERUYTER Training Support (DTS)
DTS is a nonprofit initiative from Walter Pennekamp, Piet Kruithof and Derk Wisman. It is organized and operated to benefit former marines needing extra mental, medical or financial attention. A secondary goal is to develop and maintain relationships between former Dutch marines and the Dutch Marine Corps. The main activity of DERUYTER is secondment of retired but current and physically fit marine corps specialists to operational units to support instruction, training and exercising. Secondment is executed under the flag of MSS DEFENCE guaranteeing management and back office support. MSS DEFENCE holds all licenses and insurances to execute the activity.

DTS is not operated by volunteers. There is professional staff. Salary expenses are carefully balanced against expenses to beneficiaries. DTS operates as a fiscally responsible business and is making a profit as it has to remain a fiscally viable entity. DTS has the responsibility of focusing on being professional, financially responsible, replacing self-interest and profit motive with mission motive. Any revenues that exceed expenses will be committed to the organization’s purpose. DERUYTER TRAINING SUPPORT is accountable to the Dutch Marine Corps and the seconded marine corps specialists.

Other customers
Although primarily focussed on the Dutch Marine Corps the DTS services are also available to other national and international clients. Allowing for worldwide deliverable best of class training support for an excellent value for money. Please contact us for additional information or a tailored solution.

DTS can offer specialists that can assist in the following fields of expertise:


  • Air support
  • Fire support
  • Intelligence
  • Jungle warfare
  • Counter insurgency
  • Counter terrorism
  • Military tracking
  • Combat diving
  • Arctic & mountain warfare
  • Military logistics
  • Special reconnaissance
  • Counter IED
  • Education & training
  • Airborne operations
  • Platoon weapon instruction
  • Sniper skills
  • Hostage rescue
  • Demolition
  • Special operations
  • Physical training
  • Communication
  • Exercise direction
  • Boarding operations

DTS is a member of the NBBU. The NBBU is the sector organization of professional intermediaries on the labour market. NBBU stands for Dutch Association of Mediation and Employment agencies and represents the interests of more than 1,200 service providers in the flex industry: temporary employment agencies, payroll companies, self-employed intermediaries and other intermediaries in the flexible labour market. The conditions and (employment) agreements used by DTS are in accordance with the NBBU guidelines.

(1) COM = Contact Oud- en aktief dienende Mariniers. The COM is the largest military association in The Netherlands with some 5.500 members, all being Dutch marines. For more information about the COM click here.

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