Cruise Ship Security Consultancy

There is an imminent threat of violent attacks to western iconic objects like cruise ship (s), airports, airplanes, sport stadiums, hotels and more. The aim of attackers is to, with a minimum of resources and planning, cause maximum havoc to in most cases harmless people. In the past few years we’ve seen many of such attacks in Paris, Brussels, Istanbul, Berlin, London and of course overseas.

Are cruise ships and port facilities at risk?

A cruise ship is an iconic object with many vulnerable older people and families on board. A cruise ship can be accessed and closed down easily. Upon which boarded terrorist can do whatever they like. And the effect of such an attack is increased because for anti-terrorism units a cruise ship is a very difficult target. Planning a counter attack will take a considerable amount of time.

What is your need?

It is of course reasonable to believe that cruise lines and ports have good and valid security plans and work in accordance to the ISPS code, but much is only on paper and reality often differs. Is the reality as it should be or was reported to be? Are there any deficiencies? Are only “all boxes ticked” or is real security effectively in place? Is your ship or port only ISPS compliant or has your management been realistic and thorough?

Why are we the experienced specialist?

The European Commission selected MSS Defence to perform a study on the security of the cruise ship industry. We were selected because of our knowledge and practical experience on the subject of maritime and naval security. And perhaps our “no nonsense attitude” was a decision variable too. Our team of senior consultants studied the security operations on-board 5 cruise ships and in 22 port facilities. We analyzed our findings and drafted a comprehensive report containing very practical hands-on management recommendations. Our report was delivered in time and was accepted.

What will we do?

You can make use of our recent track record and have your security operation surveyed. The duration of our quick scan is only 2 days. We will visit your cruise ship as passengers. We will take part in embarkation and disembarkation procedures. We will make observations and we will find facts. At the end of the second day we will interview your SSO and we will “hot brief” him or her on our findings and recommendations. We will draft a no-nonsense and comprehensive management report with clear and executable recommendations. We will make relevant references to the ISPS Code and other regulations.

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