Anti Drone Concept of Operations

The large amount of unauthorised drone (s) flying around including camera-systems is ever increasing. The low price and easy handling form a new threat to be dealt with.

The threat
Someone with an intent to harm others, a basic understanding of technology and several hundred dollars is now capable of conducting an UAV attack on critical infrastructure including public utilities, oil and gas lines, government buildings, and other sensitive targets.

Trivial ingredients required for such a person to conduct an attack are a commercial off-the-shelf UAV and a lightweight explosive. The UAV and explosive could be easily placed in a premeditated location with a wake-up timer and an automated flight path to execute an attack, while the instigator remains detached, borders away.

Incidents like this are no longer limited to war zones and a cost effective UAV detection system is the answer to scaling protection of infrastructure and the public from nefarious use of UAVs.

Detection can be accomplished either visually or with special sensors. A typical sensor can be a compact surveillance radar. Such a radar generates hundreds of samples of radar reflection data when a candidate UAV is in range.

A trained radar operator can evaluate and classify the candidate UAV. Or this can be done automatically by comparing a candidate’s unique attributes to a library of thousands of pre-trained samples of common UAV types. Additionally a long-range video tracker can slew to the position of the UAV and follow with precision, allowing close inspection of the candidate UAV and its payload. In case the operator classifies the candidate UAV as “hostile” then a number of actions can be instigated.

Alerts can be delivered and be integrated into an established security system or video/incident management system.
The flight path can be predicted and actions can be taken for counter measures like RF and/or GPS jamming.
As a last resort life ammunition can be used to take down the UAV.

The take-off position can be predicted and response teams can be tasked to neutralize the UAV’s pilot or take-off crew, if any. The landing position can be determined which enables officials to determine the location where the pilot and/or accomplishes can be found.

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