Our Projects

Below you can find a partial list of completed projects that gives a good indication of our track record and versatility. For various reasons we cannot provide details of all our past accomplishments, however this list provides a good impression of our capabilities and past performance.

Partial list of completed and current projects

This project list is not exhaustive dus to the confidential nature of the markets and clients we serve. Where possible we will update this list on a regular basis.

Project Customer Country/Region
Anti-ballistic Confidential Ukraine
Helmets Confidential The Netherlands
Thermal imaging Confidential Poland
Anti-ballistic Confidential Germany
Vests Confidential The Netherlands
Plate carrier Confidential Ukraine
Weapon sights Confidential Italy
Trauma plates Research Laboratory The Netherlands
Vehicles Governmental Poland
Radios Confidential Ukraine
Tourniquets Army Slovenia
Drones Various Ukraine
Life & movement detection Governmental Slovakia
Project Customer Country
Hand held scanners Confidential Vietnam
Anti-ballistic vests Confidential The Netherlands
Night vision goggles Confidential Finland
Searchlights Confidential Jordan
Night vision Governmental Jamaica
Surveillance cameras Confidential Dubai
Multpurpose binoculars Confidential The Netherlands
Thermal imaging Governmental France
Gyro stabilised binoculars Confidential Belgium
Binoculars Confidential Spain
Day optics Confidential The Netherlands
Life & movement detection Governmental Slovakia
Project Customer Country/Region
Gyro stabilised binoculars Police DRC
Scene lights Police Vietnam
COVID-19 PPE Various The Netherlands
COVID-19 test kits Various The Netherlands
4G bodycams Police Indonesia
Drugs scanning devices Police Vietnam
Solar battey packs Construction The Netherlands
COVID-19 desinfection sprayers Confidential Vietnam
Night vision binoculars Army Ghana
Project Customer Country/Region
Scene lighting systems Confidential Vietnam
HF antenna systems Confidential Oman
Day optics TESO The Netherlands
Day optics – stabilised Confidential United Kingdom
Laser target designators Confidential Poland
Anti-ballistic gear Confidential Ecuador
Thermal imager Confidential Australia
Night vision goggles Confidential Jamaica
Head gear set Governmental The Netherlands
Satellite communication IUCN The Netherlands
UHF radios Confidential Senegal
Crisis and security management Confidential The Netherlands
Water purification systems Confidential United Kingdom
Project Customer Country/Region
Under vehicle scanning system Confidential KSA
Thermal weapon sights Confidential Germany
Shelter lighting system Confidential Asia
Night vision Confidential Croatia
Water purification systems Confidential USA
Tactical lighting system Confidential The Netherlands
Day optics Confidential Spain
RF jamming system Confidential Macau
Thermal imaging system Confidential France
Night vision weapon sights Confidential Germany
Night vision binoculars Confidential Pakistan
Night vision goggles Confidential Portugal
Tent flooring system Confidential Italy
Solar power system Confidential The Netherlands
Unmanned aerial system Confidential Vietnam
Accommodation lighting system Confidential Taiwan
Laser range finders Confidential The Netherlands
Project Customer Country/Region
Day observation Confidential India
Weapon sights Confidential The Netherlands
Helmet cameras Confidential United Kingdom
Weapon sights Confidential USA
Thermal imaging Confidential Belgium
Military tents Confidential United KingdomPakisa
Engine oil Confidential Pakistan
Cyber defence consultancy Confidential The Netherlands
Night vision Confidential Croatia
Access control security Governmental The Netherlands
Shelter lights Confidential PRC
Night vision Army Ghana
Laser range finders Army Ghana
HF radios Army Ghana
Lubricants Army Pakistan
Project Customer Country/Regon
Weapon sights Confidential USA
Security consultancy Confidential The Netherlands
Mooring ropes Navy Indonesia
Spare parts Navy Indonesia
Positioners Rheinmetall European Union
Port & security consultancy European Commission European Union
Power supplies Confidential The Netherlands
Day observation Coast guard Oman
Search and rescue Confidential Pakistan
Day observation Confidential USA
Anti-ballistic Confidential Congo DRC
Anti-riot equipment Police Tanzania
Combat management systems SAR Indonesia
Border guard security Army Indonesia
Project Customer Country/Region
Force protection United Nations Confidential
Thermal imaging Confidential Monaco
Night vision UN Confidential
Day observation Coast guard Oman
Day observation MOD The Netherlands
Night vision Confidential Israel
Day observation United Nations Confidential
Spare parts Navy Indonesia
Anti-ballistic Confidential Burundi
Observation Frontex European Union
Night vision Police Norway
Project Customer Country/Region
Night vision Police The Netherlands
Weapon sights Confidential Confidential
Night vision United Nations Confidential
Night vision Coast guard The Netherlands
Night vision Navy Oman
Project Customer Country/Region
Thermal imaging Confidential France
Night vision Police The Netherlands
Thermal imaging Confidential Unitec Kingdon
Long range searchlight SHL Malta
Night vision MOD KSA
Night vision United Nations Confidential
GPS United Nations Confidential
Thermal imaging Confidential Monaco
Night vision United Nations Confidential
Weapon sights Confidential France
Spare parts MOD The Netherlands
Searchlights G4S The Netherlands
Project Customer Country/Region
Positioner Confidential China
Laser dazzler SHL The Netherlands
Anti-piracy consultancy Confidential PRC
Observation day/night Svitzer The Netherlands
Security design and architecture ESO Denmark
Night vision MOD The Netherlands
Spare parts MOD The Netherlands
Force protection package Confidential The Netherlands
Day observation Police The Netherlands
Positioner Cybernetica Estonia
Night vision MOL Japan
Security consultancy Confidential Malta
Night vision MOD The Netherlands
Anti ballistic Confidential The Netherlands
Positioner Elinktron Romania
Thermal imaging Confidential The Netherlands
Project Customer Country/Region
Helicopter night vision MOD The Netherlands
Anti-piracy consultancy Kahn The Netherlands
Anti-piracy consultancy Van Oord The Netherlands
Anti-ballistic Confidential Asia
Thermal imaging Police The Netherlands
Anti-ballistic MOD The Netherlands
Security consultancy Confidential Sudan
Thermal imaging Confidential The Netherlands
Vessel protection equipment SHL Cyprus
Long range observation Confidential The Netherlands
Project  Customer Country/Region
Night vision and deterrence Fairstar The Netherlands

Consultancy Solutions

We can assist you to get “mission ready” depending on your specific needs. Based upon a first intake we create and deliver tailored consultancy and support.

Mission Readiness

Delivering one-stop-shop readiness for military and law enforcement since 2009.

MSS Defence quickly expanded to many countries around the world. In the process becoming the trusted product and service provider for demanding military and law enforcement customers. Passionately helping them to satisfy urgent capability needs guaranteeing cost effective mission readiness.

With thousands of products from hundreds of suppliers MSS Defence continues to grow, always being mission ready.

Risk identification and assessment

What are the hazards that you are facing? How likely it is that someone could be harmed? What would be the impact or seriousness? Risk assessments create awareness of hazards and risks. It will identify who and what may be at risk. The process determines whether a control program is required for each particular hazard. It determines if existing control measures are adequate or if more should be done.

Procurement Process

Purchase and procurement

We can help with the preparation and completion of a procurement plan, consisting of one or a combination of the following documents: Operational Requirement (OR), RFQ, Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ), RFI, RFP, RFQ or Request for Tenders. You can further benefit from our support with project management, specification development, value analysis, supplier market research, contract negotiation and administration, interface control management, acceptance testing, setting to work (STW) and storage management.

Risk mitigation and security

First of all risks can be mitigated by careful planning: avoiding the risk. Secondly risks can be mitigated – lessen negative impacts – by implementing counter measures. These countermeasures can be (a combination of) organizational, structural and electronical measures. Countermeasures and the management thereof are covered in a security plan

Crisis management

We can help with establishing your process- and strategy-based approach for identifying and responding to a threat, an unanticipated event, or any negative disruption with the potential to harm people, property, reputation and environment. A crisis management plan helps to predict a crisis, prevents a crisis from happening, prepares for a crisis and helps your organization to perform during and after a crisis.


Our workshops are prepared and conducted by highly skilled and experienced maritime security consultants and instructors. Each instructor has a NATO Naval or Special Forces (SF) background.


What to do to prevent a hijack? How to recognze a piracy threat? What to do in case of a hijack? What to do in case of a rescue action?

Cyber Defence

What is a cyber defence? How to manage a cyber defence crisis? Classified workshop

Security & Safety Preparations for Super Yacht Operations

Can you classify risks? What are current threats? What are specific safety risks? Do you know the adequate countermeasures? 

Training and Exercises for Super Yachts

Is your yacht really ready? Can your crew handle extraordinary situations? Elevate your yacht operations to the next level

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