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MSS Defence is an active community member and supports a number of community initiatives. We have highlighted two initiatives below.


Humanitarian Support: SIGNI

SIGNI search dogs is a not for profit organization with the clear objective to search for missing persons. SIGNI operates search dogs and a professional diving- , sonar- and ground detection team. SIGNI search dogs specializes in searching for drowned persons and to track missing persons in disaster areas. SIGNI search dogs as only one goal: find missing persons and end uncertainty among relatives. SIGNI operates an underwater camera system sponsored by MSS Defence.

More information: www.zoekhonden,nl

Military and veteran support: COM

COM is a Dutch non-profit association with a mission oriented on uniting all Dutch Marines. COM has about 6.000 members, all being active, reserve or retired Dutch marines, from all ranks.

COM is the acronym for “Contact Oud en actief dienende Mariniers” and was established in 1950. In his free hours our CEO Derk Wisman operates as vice-president of the association.

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