Dear all, A few days ago our operations manager Ramon Gerth reminded me to write an end-of-year message. Although I am already fully focussed on our activities in the coming year I herewith send you a reflective look back at 2018. All that we achieve is the result of our staff’s efforts. Having new employees and most of all successful employees is a key element needed for our business result. Americas That’s why I am very glad to have been able to contract Dave van der Kaden earlier this year. Dave is fluent in Spanish and quickly set up our South American network. His efforts will surely result in the development of our business in that part of the world. And due to his efforts we welcomed the US Airforce to our customer group. We have now delivered multiple “sustainability” solutions to the USA and more remote locations. Europe In The Netherlands we delivered SWOT products to the National Police. And we demonstrated solutions from our non-lethal weapon range. This did not result in any business but we received an emergency request for an anti-drone system from one of the Dutch SOF units. Although ready to deliver in just 2,5 days this request unfortunately did not develop further. In Europe the highlights were the delivery of a number of tactical tents to the Royal Air Force and the successful demonstration of our gap crossing systems (GXS) to the Royal Engineers. Besides these we have had many small opportunities in the domain of “optronics”. Last but not least we visited the Eurosatory exhibition in Paris and organized a most enjoyable off-site barbeque for quite a number of our regular contacts of both manufacturers and customers. Middle East A circumvention incident (what’s new in that part of the world) lead to the loss of a major project. Despite this our Middle East market grew moderately with several small orders for various types of equipment. Robert van Dijk, our senior business developer, invested an enormous amount of time, money and effort in a new potential order for “optronics”. This order will mature next year so in 2019 we will most expectedly expand in this region. Asia During our Asia visit in October 2018 we finalized a deal for multiple products and systems for one of the countries’ top notch security organizations. The first purchase orders are expected in January 2019 so there is more positive news to follow soon. Another highlight of this visit was a visit to Kuala Lumpur, bolstering existing relationships and entering new ones with good prospects for the coming year. All in all, 2019 will most probably be a very good year for our Asian business. Flagship products As you all know MSS Defence is able to supply 500+ products from 200+ manufacturers. In this group of products we introduced our flagship products: a group of selected more “special” products from manufacturers that we have a long lasting and excellent relationship with. Anti-drone solutions Over the year our expertise in the realm of anti-drone solutions grew rapidly. In this area we are now able to provide, in close cooperation with selected manufacturers, a true one-stop-shop with all means for detection, identification and a hard or soft kill capability. New products Our product portfolio is growing each day. During the year we were able to source new products such as: • Water purification systems • Medium range tactical drones, fixed wing and rotary • Anti-drone systems • Unobtrusive fixed wing drones • Foldable solar power solutions • Interoperability communication systems • Cloud scraping systems • Secure cell phones • Cell phone jamming systems • Military decoys • Tactical non-lethal laser dazzler systems Wishing you all the best for 2019 and please follow MSS Defence on, we regularly post relevant business news. And in case you want to know more about what we can do for you, let us now, we’re ready to assist. Best regards, Derk Wisman CEO and Managing Director
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