Business as usual? For many companies active in the Defence industry the summer months are easy going. MOD’s are closed down. Sometimes even from mid-June until early September. Luckily for MSS Defence there was lots to do. Quite some of our clients new how to put us to work. And we did, with pleasure of course! Some of the highlights:. Middle-East
  • From the Middle-East we received requests for our Eureka RDS tent systems. It was nice to advise one of our clients on the set-up of a turn-key 3 tent headquarters. With lots of consultancy we offered our solution end of month. Check out the Eureka military tent systems by clicking here.
  • For one of the ME governments and since June 2017 our EMEA team has been very busy with a nation wide anti-drone solution. End of month we received the good news that we are selected. We’re now looking forward to implementation with instruction, training and exercising included. Check out our anti-drone solutions by clicking here.
  • Our online auction lead to the purchase of a pair of high-end Fujinon Large Binoculars 25×150. Bought by a Middle-East customer for astronomy purposes. Learn more about these binoculars by clicking here.
  • For one of our Asian customers we partnered up with a new local business entity. It was a busy month establishing contact and quickly building up the relationship. Although no actual business yet we anticipate on being a major supplier of various spare parts for their military very soon.
  • For a western MOD we supplied the first of a serie of water purification systems, to be used in one of their locations in Asia. Check out one of these systems here.
Europe Following a few months of design and architecture we received an order for a number of tactical lighting systems, to be used by a special police unit. Thanks for reading and have a nice day! Derk Wisman CEO
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