Body armour plates test in Ukraine

Our life saving NIJ Level IV body armour plates have also passed the rigorous level 5 test performed by The Ivan Chernyakhovsky National Defense University of Ukraine. The accepted standard is that the body armour plate should stop 1 armour piercing bullet, our plates stopped 3 armour piercing bullets! The deformation on the rear of the plate also falls comfortably within the norm. Worn together with a NIJ IIIA carrier vest the chances of any injury is marginal.

MSS Defence only sells products of the highest quality that have been tested by ourselves and by official laboratories. We also do random testing to ensure that the products remain at the required standard. All of our anti-ballistic protection gear has been tested in the Ukraine. We can provide large or small quantities as needed for a very competitive price. Visit our online product catalogue for an idea of our product range and what products we are capable of providing and. Naturally this catalogue is not exhaustive and if you have any special requests or requirements please contact us at with your requirements and we will get back to with advice, sourcing and supply possibilities as needed.

We have these plates in stock and can be ordered directly from us. You can contact us through our contact form on the website or send us an email at We have a complete range of anti-ballistic products and related soldier systems. Have a look in our product catalogue.

MSS Defence product catalogue

We have thousands of products from hundreds of maufacturers in our online product catalogue. But not even this covers every product that we are able to supply. Please feel free to contact us for your custom requirements. In the meantime feel free to browse our online product catalogue.

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