Libya – Boots on the business ground

We have “boots on the ground” with MSS Defence Libya and can provide you with one-stop-shop solutions that give you peace of mind for doing what you like: business!

The political crisis in Libya has led to a growing extremist threat, arms proliferation, irregular migration, a humanitarian crisis, and the depletion of state assets that make doing business in Libya difficult. Libya continues to present a challenging business environment.

If you choose to travel to Libya you should consider your security arrangements carefully and take all necessary security precautions, including contingency plans. If you’re entering Libya as a media representative, you should get press accreditation from the relevant Libyan authorities.
With MSS Defence we provide emergency management solutions for businesses and organizations wishing to operate or are operating in Libya. We supply products that will enable you to have secure and sustainable operations:

  • Armoured cars
  • Cargo aircraft
  • MPV’s
  • Anti-ballistic gear
  • Communications
  • Solar energy
  • And much more….

And we can help with crisis management assistance:

  • Risk mitigation consultancy
  • Vulnerability assessments
  • Evacuation management – air
  • Evacuation management – sea (we operate from Malta)
  • Security guards
  • Intelligence

We are ready to help and be advised that operating in Libya requires some proper preparation and assistance because:

  • Intense fighting continues in a number of areas, and there remains a high threat of terrorist attacks and kidnap against foreigners
  • Ports and airports, and oil and gas installations have also been targeted.
  • Since December 2013, a number of foreign nationals have been shot dead in Libya.
  • Further attacks against foreigners are likely and could be opportunistic.
  • Fighting can break out anywhere without warning, quickly putting those in the area at risk.