Defence industry

Defence Industry Business Language Terms

This blog focusses on different terminology in the defence industry. We selected 11 terms that every defence industry professional might come across in the daily ...
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Hovercraft featured

Military hovercraft – utility explained

All surface hovercraft Many military missions take place in inaccessible areas for conventional vehicles or even for helicopters or airplanes. Such areas can include: flooded land, ...
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disaster relief

Disaster Relief & Refugee Relief Solutions

An inside look at shelter system solutions that meet an immediate need for humanitarian aid (Disaster Relief and Refugee Relief) in affected countries. Immediate solutions ...
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Spot Size

Night Vision Goggles – Spot Size explained

The meaning of Spot Size of the IIT and the consequences for pricing. Harder HD-2102A The Harder HD-2102A intensifier tube is a “GEN-2 Premium” device ...
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Vooruitblik 2017 – Defensie Industrie

Kijkende naar 2017 dan zien wij binnen de defensie industrie een drietal belangrijke ontwikkelingen: 2017 - Kostenbewustheid  Veel landen kijken steeds naar het Defensie budget ...
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Combat Management Systems

On the modern battlefield situations continuously change in a rapid, unexpected and chaotic fashion. As officers nowadays have a vast amount of weapons and sensors ...
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Long Range Night Vision Solution

Night firing with .50 cal HMG

The customer has an imminent need for long range night firing solutions for their .50 HMG and asked for solutions with a short delivery time and ...
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Operator Package

Non-Restricted Operator Package

For operations to be supported by non-restricted products we suggest the below package. The package contains of an ideal mix of affordable high-end products for ...
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How does the GAJT GPS anti—jam antenna work

How does the GAJT GPS anti-jam antenna work It protects position and saves lives GAJT's proprietary technology uses a concept similar to that of noise-cancelling ...
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Green Energy Solutions

Military Decision Makers choose “Green Energy”

Why military decision makers go for green energy solutions like rollable tow-out solar panels Standalone, grid-interactive or diesel hybrid energy source. Multiple systems in parallel ...
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