How does the GAJT GPS anti-jam antenna work

It protects position and saves lives

GAJT’s proprietary technology uses a concept similar to that of noise-cancelling headphones; it nullifies the jammers that are trying to overpower the satellite signals that GPS positioning systems use to compute location. GAJT defeats jamming thanks to antenna elements that create up to six independent nulls in the direction of the jammers. With the jammer nullified, your receiver is clear to acquire and track the GPS signals you need to ensure accurate battlefield position.

Without GPS anti-jam technology, a simple 1-watt jammer can overpower GPS signals within a large area, denying a position solution from the victim receiver. GAJT improves the GPS jamming immunity of the connected receiver, significantly decreasing the reach of the jammers, ensuring that positioning capabilities are retained during combat, training or other vehicle based missions.



Successfully tested by both the Canadian and British military, GAJT leverages the proven expertise of two technology leaders known for their products’ performance and reliability. Military personnel can depend on GAJT to help maintain situational awareness, protecting soldier’s lives and improving strategic battlefield performance.

These antennas are available for land, naval and air applications, with a special small sized unit for use on drones and other Unmanned Aireal System (UAS).


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