Black Sage Technologies provides an autonomous and extensible hardware & software platform that detects, identifies and defeats unmanned aerial vehicles. THE MISSION is “to keep families and soldiers safe from one of the fastest growing threats of our time: malicious use of unmanned aerial vehicles— drones”.

Black Sage Technologies is inspired by the tough western plant, “black sage”, and its unique ability to grow in the high American mountain deserts. The founders’ western roots and time spent in classified environments created an appreciation for the combination of “black” signifying knowledge and discretion – and “sage” signifying wisdom. The need to be knowledgeable while tempered with wisdom is of deep significance to the company’s mission.

With their products, Black Sage has one goal: intelligently combine disparate technologies and processes to disrupt the physical security industry. They are doing this by inventing the next generation of automated detection and tracking products and the platforms that enable their rapid deployment in places with limited power or connectivity.

Their detection and tracking works day or night in all weather conditions. It detects vehicles at 1500 meters, humans at 1000 meters and UAVs at 500 meters; then locks and follows the target with video tracking up to 5000 meters. Ideal for industrial, government or commercial installations. Automatic or semi-automatic operating modes and a simple API enable rapid integration with existing security workflows.

Black Sage offers solutions for the future that starts today.

Visit our website to view all products offered by Black Sage.

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