Armasight, Inc. is a San Francisco Bay headquartered company that manufactures a broad variety of image intensified night vision, long-wave thermal imaging, laser aiming and illumination, as well as advanced day optical systems in support of a wide user market ranging from dismounted warrior applications to the casual commercial hunter or outdoorsman.

In addition to assembling US Army/Navy type-classified systems, Armasight has developed a wide selection of its own high quality, proprietary products designed to meet the very unique and specific needs of its customers.

Armasight has assembled an extremely professional and seasoned core staff with combined industry experience in excess of 150 years in positions of senior responsibility drawn from companies such as Northrop-Grumman, Litton Electro-Optical Systems, American Technologies Network, Insight Technology and Nivisys Industries.

Curious towards their experience? Visit our website to view the current Armasight offerings.

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