Aimpoint is a Swedish company, manufacturing red dot aiming sights. The company is located in Sweden and has a subsidiary in the US. The production takes place on two locations in Sweden. One in Gällivare up in the far north and one at the head office in Malmö, down south.

Each sight is hand-built, assigned an individual identification number, and undergoes rigorous testing and numerous quality control checks during the manufacturing process. They are designed for use in the real world, and can handle rough treatment and all imaginable weather conditions.

The Aimpoint® red dot sight has continued to evolve over the past 40 years by working closely with experienced hunters, marksmen and military weapon experts. It is currently recognized as the fastest, most rugged, and most efficient electronic small arms sighting system in the world.

The components are cleaned with ultrasound and assembled in a clean environment at the production facility. Products are rigorously tested before being approved for shipment. This is why Aimpoint can offer a generous warranty on its products.

Aimpoint AB is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2008. The manufacturing environment at Aimpoint is similar to a laboratory with highly trained experts building red dot sights by hand using advanced optical/mechanical production equipment.

At Aimpoint, they take great pride in making sure that neither hazardous nor radioactive materials are used in our sights. MSS Defence on its turn is delighted to be able to deliver their products to the market.

There are over 2 million hunters, sports shooting enthusiasts, police and military personnel who use Aimpoint® sights around the world today. A number bound to increase.

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