With its growing UAS portfolio, advanced technologies, and the technical and operational expertise of its work force, Aeronautics offers advanced, UAS-based solutions, tailored to meet any mission or operational challenge.

From small tethered aerostat-based sensors monitoring specific points of interest, to wide-area land and maritime surveillance systems, Aeronautics has the response that meets the customer’s specific requirements, environments, and systems. Aeronautics consistently invests in, and promotes technological advancements to expand mission capabilities, improve operability, reliability, efficiency and cost-effectiveness, implementing our “Ahead of Time” philosophy.



Since its foundation as an Israeli hi-tech incubator and technology startup, Aeronautics has grown to become a world leader in the field of UAS-based defense and security. Among their achievements were the first ‘pay per view’ UAS outsourcing service awarded by the IDF in 2000, fielding Mini UAS in maritime applications, the introduction of the Small Tactical UAS category with Orbiter 3 in 2009 and the conversion of general aviation aircraft (DA42) into a Medium-Altitude Long Endurance (MALE) drone in 2011.

Core Technologies and Competencies

Through in-house R&D and subsidiaries of Aeronautics, they maintain full control of core UAS technologies, leveraging a unique level of flexibility and independence.

Among those technologies are:

  • Navigation systems
  • Autonomous controls – Flight Controls & Autopilot
  • Automatic Take-Off and Landing (ATOL) system
  • Command and control, mission support
  • Man-Machine Interfaces (MMI)
  • Real-Time Integrated Ground Control Systems (GCS)
  • Analog and digital datalinks
  • Electro-optical EO payloads and stabilization systems
  • Aerial propulsion systems
  • C4I

Turnkey Solutions

Their turnkey solutions address virtually any contemporary security challenge – whether in airspace, on land or sea – from protection of a specific asset to real-time aerial surveillance of operational missions.

In the area of services, next to MSS Defence,  Aeronautics provides high-level and in-depth training to its customers through its UAS academy; delivering courses and certification to UAS crews around the world.

Compliances and Standards

Committed to the highest quality and stringent industry standards, Aeronautics products and services comply with ISO-9001, ISO-14001 and OHSAS-18001 standards, and is in an advanced process of accreditation for AS-9100 standard.

Aeronautics platforms have Safety of Flight (SOF) approvals by the Israeli Air Force and certificates issued by the Israeli Civil Aviation Authority (ICAA). Additionally, Aeronautics unmanned platforms are registered in the U.S. and fly in the United States National Air Space under FAA Certificates of Authorization (COA).


Aeronautics and MSS Defence are committed to support each customer, ensuring that all systems and solutions are continuously operating and maintained. This commitment harnesses the entire quality process – UAV operators, integration engineers, field support agents, logistics, and UAS instructors – to provide the comprehensive support envelope our Customers expect. Responsive, flexible, and attentive to special needs, our teams deliver at the highest professional level.

The main services offered are:

  • Aeronautics Training
  • Outsourcing UAS services
  • Field operations
  • Flight demonstrations
  • Support infrastructure consulting


To support its customers and to guarantee smooth UAS operations, the Aeronautics Unmanned Systems Academy (known as UAV Academy) provides high-quality training programs for UAS Operators, Technicians, and Mission Commanders, based on vast operational experience and strategic knowledge.

Tailored training programs use highly developed and proven methodologies for trainee selection, evaluation, certification, and proficiency maintenance.

Aeronautics also offers On-Job Training (OJT) programs as well as in-depth courses for specialized topics such as video image analysis and UAS communications management.

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