Aerialtronics is an end-to-end solution developer that utilises drones, artificial intelligence and IoT data to provide businesses with augmented and actionable insights that create a perfect synergy between aerial applications and everyday business operations.

Aerialtronics strength is in the flexibility of the UAV platform and the AI-powered camera platform, which are relevant for a wide array of inspection use cases. We enable third parties to develop / deploy their own software apps on our platform to tailor it to specific use cases. We work with trusted development partners to add recognition capabilities and can give cost and timeline estimates based on customer’s requirements and existing datasets. We are also open to work with parties who have already created their own detection algorithms. Pensar is launched as an open development platform, and users with inhouse software development capabilities can readily develop their own algorithms & IP.

Enabling a multitude of professionals to easily survey, inspect and analyse data in real time.

Aerialtronics’ service offering is an end-to-end solution including among others:

  • Flight training (manufacturer training)
  • On the job/field training
  • Technical support
  • Service & maintenance
  • Insurance, certification and legal consult (depending on country)
  • Workflow integration support
  • User-case development
  • Custom development
  • Safety, operations and mission planning

Visit our store for a complete overview of Aerialtronics products.

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