MSS Defence

For Mission Readiness

A global family passionately committed to providing defence solutions to customers around the world. Anticipating customer needs and delivering best-of-breed solutions guaranteeing cost effective mission readiness. Possessing a ‘can do’ result orientated mentality while adhering to military values.

Mission Readiness

Delivering one-stop-shop readiness for military and law enforcement since 2009.

MSS Defence quickly expanded to many countries around the world. In the process becoming the trusted product and service provider for demanding military and law enforcement customers. Passionately helping them to satisfy urgent capability needs guaranteeing cost effective mission readiness.  

With thousands of products from hundreds of suppliers MSS Defence continues to grow always being mission ready.


MSS Defence: Passion and Professionalism

MSS Defence Corporate folder

For a complete overview of the products and services that MSS Defence currently offers you can download our corporate folder.

Passion is our driving force

Passion and professionalism in what we do drives MSS Defence. Each customer will have our full and immediate attention. We will not stop and work with maximum energy until our customers’ needs are satisfied. We act with speed, momentum and decisiveness.


The ethical principles and values that set the ground rules for all that we do as employees of MSS Defence,

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We are active in various community projects and participate in military and veteran support

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Mission Readiness

Mission readiness is what we stand for and what we do. MSS Defence has the ability to understand, plan, program and fulfil core mission responsibilities, even and especially in the face of emerging threats and other major changes in circumstances. This is a dynamic and cricital need across todays’s ever-shifintg geo-political climates.

Our Team

Derk Wisman - CEO

Derk Wisman

CEO and Managing Director

Jeroen Engelkes

Associate Director

Kenneth Chong

Business Development Director

Patrick Cammaert Chairman

Patrick Cammaert


Dick Swijgman

Non-executive Director

Robert van der Meij

Associate Director

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