Dear all,

First of all I wish you best of luck and good health in 2021. It seems that this year COVID-19 will be brought to a halt and life will turn to “normal” again. Or at least to a “new normal”. Our team is ready to re-establish personal and more importantly “live” relationships. Whilst this normalization process is underway we will stick to zoom, meet, skype and whatsoever to hold our ground and respond to requirements.

Despite the global pandemic MSS DEFENCE managed to grow. Professionalism, combined with our one-stop-shop approach, allowed us to maintain our customer base and to successfully complete challenging projects. As always, our focus was in geographical areas where we could make a difference. Therefore the majority of our growth has originated from developing countries in Asia and Africa. On the other hand we maintained a strong European foothold. Due to COVID-19 many governmental organizations purchased related equipment. We responded to countless requests and supplied many organizations, worldwide, with professional products such as disinfection sprayers, body cameras, thermography products and personal protection equipment.

What will this year bring to us? Currently that’s only for magicians to answer. At MSS DEFENCE we will stick to our strategy. We will continue to deliver best-of-class defence solutions to customers around the world. To improve stability and security. Last-but-not least our customers can continue to hold us accountable for our “can do” result oriented mentality and adherence to military values.

Thanks for reading!

Derk Wisman, founder & executive director




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