MSS Defence is on a mission to become the world’s number one veteran owned defence solution provider with the best consultancy, products, services and support.

Derk Wisman

Managing Director, MSS Defence

A true one-stop-shop

With our expert defence specialists we can satisfy almost any defence need, being one or a combonation of components like consultancy, products, systems or training.  We have an extensive portfolio with over 7.000 products from 150+ manufacturers. As a result we offer unbiased solutions fully focussed on our customers’ exact requirement and within budget.

Global presence

Because of our unique franchise concept we have various offices around the world. And in case we are not present ourselves we have an additional network of trusted resellers and subcontractors.

Defence experts

MSS Defence offers in-house Navy, Army and Airforce specialists able to assist with any challenge. Furthermore we manage a huge network of defence subject matter experts that can provide niche expertise.

Partnership opportunities

At MSS Defence we do not believe in the old fashioned and sometimes opportunistic territorial exclusivity. Instead we very much favour hard work and benefit from that work on a “first come, first goes” basis. Because of this we have a unique project registration system that you may use to register your project. We will study your request and give you, when applicable, full commercial protection. So do you have an interesting business opportunity and like to cooperate with MSS Defence? Then we will support and assist. Do you need pricing, a full proposal or straightforward information? No problem. In conclusion, just visit our project registration webpage and learn more.

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Corner joints for MaxiTrack

With MaxiTrack you now can custom build your own trackway design. With the new “corner joints” you can make any left or right turn.

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