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A global family passionately committed to providing defence solutions to customers around the world. Anticipating customer needs and delivering best-of-breed solutions improving stability and security. Possessing a ‘can do’ result orientated mentality while adhering to military values.

Passion and pride in what we do drives MSS Defence. Each customer will have our full and immediate attention. We will not stop and work with maximum energy until our customers’ needs are satisfied. We act with speed, momentum and decisiveness.

Superior Products

We can satisfy almost any defence need and offer over 5.000+ military and security related products as well as support services. As a result we offer unbiased solutions meeting customers’ exact requirements.

Full Support Services Provider

MSS Defence offers in-house Navy, Army and Airforce specialists able to assist with any challenge. Furthermore we manage a huge network of defence subject matter experts that can provide niche expertise.

Global Presence

MSS Defence International delivers on the corporation’s global, regional, and country-specific strategies, maintains and strengthens strategic customer and partner relationships, and actively seeks new partnerships.

MSS Defence and Ukraine

Visit our dedicated section over MSS Defence and Ukraine. A dedicated Ukrainian department has been set up within MSS Defence. Svitlana Sosnovska is our dedicated account manager for this department.


MSS Defence and Ukraine

Відвідайте наш спеціальний український розділ MSS Defence. В структурі MSS Defence у зв’язку з військовою агресією Російської Федерації проти України створено спеціальний український департамент. Світлана Сосновська є нашим спеціальним менеджером по роботі з клієнтами у цьому підрозділі.

Life-saving medical aid for Ukraine

MSS Defence supports this intiative!

NB: The website is in Dutch!

A Dutch-Ukrainian collective of friends decided in early March 2022 to set up an aid campaign and start delivering medication and humanitarian goods to Ukraine ourselves.

The focus is on delivering tactical and medical relief goods that are desperately needed at the moment and can save lives. These include specially formulated first aid kits, protective clothing, tourniquets, resuscitation masks and trauma dressing.

Four trips have already been completed to Ukraine.

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The MMPS Vulcan IV MC with 100 litre capacity – the ideal sack for those on extended journeys where re-supply is not possible. Infrared (IR) coated fabric for better protection against night vision detection.

MPS delivers the flexibility to carry any load from 10 litres up to 120 litres of kit, depending on the type of mission. More information about the Multi Mission Pack System Vulcan IV MC »

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Russian robot maker working on bot to target Western tanks

Russian robot maker working on bot to target Western tanks

But is it all just a PR stunt? A Russian manufacturer says it is adapting one of its ground robots to target Abrams and Leopard tanks—the types heading to Ukraine from the United States, Germany, Poland and other countries. Dmitry Rogozin, a former head of of the...

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US unit with heavy equipment moves through the Netherlands

US unit with heavy equipment moves through the Netherlands

Hundreds of US M1 Abrams tanks, Bradley infantry fighting vehicles and other equipment has started driving and sailing through the Netherlands. In total 1,275 vehicles from a US land force unit going to Poland and Lithuania. The transport will last until early...

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Product of the month!

Helfis – Tourniquet 1.0!

No news, tourniquets hurt. In our experience, most troops in training put on tourniquets for a very short time period, on average for 10-15 minutes. In the field, the tourniquet might need to stay on for more than 6 hours until medical staff arrives.

With the Tourniquet LTQ 1.0 we created a flexible wide platform, that allows the pressure to be distributed while the inner tape is being tightened, being very strong UHMWPE tape. this process has been patented. This node is stronger than Kevlar.

Helmets: Aramid or UHMWPE?

The tactical helmets supplied by MSS Defence all offer NIJ protection level IIIA. The materials used and end products are tested by accredited laboratories. Furthermore samples are tested by us on a regular basis at a shooting range in The Netherlands. And of course our customers test the helmets too. With positive results.

When you order a helmet the materials used are either Aramid or UHMWPE depending on the availability of raw materials. In this way we are able to maintain – as required by our customers – very short lead times

In case you have a specific requirement for Aramid or UHMWPE then please let us know in advance. We then execute an order tailored to that requirement. Please take into account that lead times can be longer.

For more information or questions mail us at:


We have noticed a lot of confusion in the market concerning classification of materials, product names and of course brand names. Follow the link for clarification regarding this.

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