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A global family passionately committed to providing defence solutions to customers around the world. We anticipate customer needs and deliver best-of-breed solutions that improve stability and security. Possessing a ‘can do’ result orientated mentality while adhering to military values.

We work with military, business, institutional and governmental organisations as well as private individuals. From a single product up to large quantities. You can also become a partner and improve your purchase process as a whole by outsourcing parts of the process to MSS Defence specialists. 

Excellent Services

MSS Defence offers in-house Navy, Army and Airforce specialists able to assist with any challenge. Furthermore we manage a huge network of defence subject matter experts that can provide niche expertise.

Global Presence

MSS Defence International delivers on the corporation’s global, regional, and country-specific strategies, maintains and strengthens strategic customer and partner relationships, and actively seeks new partnerships.

Superior Products

We can satisfy almost any defence need and offer over 5.000+ military products, consultancy, training and instruction. As a result we offer unbiased solutions meeting customers’ exact requirements.

MSS Defence values and vision

Tailor made solutions for your specific needs and budget.  You benefit from our years of military experience on operational and senior staff level. Our consultants are former military officers with various professional backgrounds and disciplines. We have expertise in many fields: including air, land, sea and cyber security protection.

We are commited to becoming the world’s number one veteran owned defence solution contractor with premium products, service, support and consultancy.

MSS Defence and Ukraine

Visit our dedicated section over MSS Defence and Ukraine. A dedicated Ukrainian department has been set up within MSS Defence. Svitlana Sosnovska is our dedicated account manager for this department. 


MSS Defence and Ukraine

Відвідайте наш спеціальний український розділ MSS Defence. В структурі MSS Defence у зв’язку з військовою агресією Російської Федерації проти України створено спеціальний український департамент. Світлана Сосновська є нашим спеціальним менеджером по роботі з клієнтами у цьому підрозділі.  

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Heartbeat Detector!

The Advanced Vehicle Interrogation And Notification System detects the presence of entities hidden in vehicles. Using data from special sensors, AVIAN finds the shock wave generated by a beating heart, which couples to any surface with which the body is in contact. AVIAN collects data and analyzes them using advanced signal processing algorithms to detect a hidden person in less than 1 minute. Discover the detector »

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Defense budgets will stay high after Ukraine conflict

Defense budgets will stay high after Ukraine conflict

The war is exposing how European nations were underinvesting in defense, and the critical role that renewable energy will play in transatlantic security. Even after Russian forces retreat from Ukraine, Western governments should expect higher defense budgets, and to...

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New product of the month!

Anti-Drone Gun 4RF-6RF

  • A fully mobile electronic drone mitigation system.
  • Designed to counter Remote Piloted Systems (RPAS).
  • Mitigation of control, video and navigation signals.
  • All modules are integrated and are directly usable by activatiing power on button.

Works only in selected frequency range with no interference to other service providers.

High gain professional antennas with SMA type connectors.

Helmets: Aramid or UHMWPE?

The tactical helmets supplied by MSS Defence all offer NIJ protection level IIIA. The materials used and end products are tested by accredited laboratories. Furthermore samples are tested by us on a regular basis at a shooting range in The Netherlands. And of course our customers test the helmets too. With positive results.

When you order a helmet the materials used are either Aramid or UHMWPE depending on the availability of raw materials. In this way we are able to maintain – as required by our customers – very short lead times

In case you have a specific requirement for Aramid or UHMWPE then please let us know in advance. We then execute an order tailored to that requirement. Please take into account that lead times can be longer.

For more information or questions mail us at:


We have noticed a lot of confusion in the market concerning classification of materials, product names and of course brand names. Follow the link for clarification regarding this.

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